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We make Importat and Export easy for our clients

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We help Indian manufacturers export their products to other parts of the world while we also help them import raw materials from other parts of the world through us

About Us

Know about Shanmi Enterprises, experts in Logistics, Procurement, Supply, Digital Marketing, and Business Consultancy

Shanmi Enterprises is established in the year 2020, we are based in India but have a branches in Nigeria.

Shanmi Enterprises is specialised in the procurement of Indian made product, logistics, supply, digital marketing and general business consultancy. We help our clients to navigate the complex world of international trade

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We are experts in Logistics, Procurement, Supply, Digital Marketing, and Business Consultancy



Shanmi Enterprises has a well-established logistics system to ensure that goods are transported efficiently and safely from one country to another. This involves coordination between different parties, such as shipping companies, customs brokers, and warehouses. The logistics process includes transportation, storage, packaging, and handling of goods.



Procurement is another critical function of Shanmi Enterprises. We undertake sourcing of goods from different countries and negotiating with suppliers to get the best prices. Our procurement team is knowledgeable about the products we are sourcing and the regulations governing imports and exports in different countries.



Supply is another important function of Shanmi Enterprises. We always ensure that the goods we procure are delivered to clients on time and in good condition. This involves managing the supply chain, coordinating with suppliers and customers, and ensuring that all regulatory requirements are met.


Digital Marketing

We help our customers to promote their products or services using our innovative digital marketing technologies such as the internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, email, and other digital channels. Digital marketing has several advantages over traditional marketing. Firstly, it allows our clients to target .


Business Consultancy

Business consultancy is a special service that we offer to our clients. With vast experience in international business, we provide advice to clients on how to navigate the complex world of international trade. This includes helping clients understand the regulations and requirements for importing and exporting goods, etc.

Client Review

Our clients are our strength and we commited to provide our best services to them