Business Consultancy


We are open to people from different continents and religions who are interested to know and learn more about India's continent and natural resources or to establish a business in India.

Shanmi Enterprises has expertise in the import and export of goods both locally and international and we are specialize in providing guidance and advice to our clients that engage in cross-border trade. We help our clients navigate the complex and ever-changing international trade regulations, logistics, and cultural differences that can affect the success of the operations of their business.

We assist our clients in identifying potential markets and business partners both in India and across the border. We provide consultancy in researching the economic and political climate of different countries, identifying potential customers or suppliers, and evaluating the competition in the target market. Consultants can also help businesses in negotiating contracts, managing logistics, and complying with regulatory requirements.

We provide consultancy services in the following areas and can also provide valuable advice on a range of other topics, such as:

  • Customs procedures and documentation requirements
  • Shipping and logistics arrangements
  • Incoterms (international commercial terms)
  • Trade finance and payment methods

We guide and help our clients who are interested to visit India to process their visas based on their purpose of visiting.

  • Business Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Medical Visa
  • Student Visa

We make Importat and Export easy for our clients.

We help Indian manufacturers to export their products to other parts of the world while we also help them import their raw materials from another part of the world through us.